Communications Services

The following is a sample of consulting and advisory services I provide to help you achieve your internal and external Marketing Communications, Leadership and PR goals.

Contact me and tell me what you want to achieve so I help you succeed with your business or personal goals.


Strategy Development and Delivery

  • Strategy and communications plan development
    • 360 review of issues and opportunities against determined objectives and measured deliverables
    • fully integrated plan to meet your needs and expectations
    • roles and responsibilities outlined
  • Internal and External communications
    • delivered for projects, people, issues, opportunities
    • transformation, people and culture needs
  • Training and coaching elements built in
    • media training, presentation development and delivery, messaging

Messaging and Positioning

  • Content Creation and Curation
  • Thought leadership
  • Employee communications / Internal communications
  • Development of key messaging documents
    • related to issues and opportunities
  • Media Training
  • Review and audit of current social media footprint and recommendations for strategic impact
    • effectiveness cascading from business objectives, grammar, content
    • content creation and thought leadership
    • timelines
  • Review of current materials
    • flow, gaps analysis, editing

Transformation, People and Culture Needs

  • Communications support, advice and counsel for organizational redesign, change management)
  • Human Resources communications
    • communications planning, key messaging, timelines, internal and external communications development
    • people, culture and change management support

Auditing Services

  • Let me help you by reviewing your current communications, strategies, systems and outputs
    • strategy development to realign against priorities
    • determine set of ROI and KPI
    • plan and execute tactical requirements

Relationship Counseling, Training, Coaching

Sessions delivered one-to-one or in groups to improve communications capabilities and to determine culpability to self and othersDesigned with you and your company in mind.

  • Communications Effectiveness: Having Meaning to your Messaging and Delivery
    • prep for delivery of messaging to team, unit, boards, performance management sessions
      • collaboration, listening, feedback, meaning in the language
  • Public Speaking assessment and recommendations for improvement
    • design, flow, delivery, effectiveness
  • Conversation Effectiveness in Relationship Building for Business Development, Interpersonal Empowerment, Improved Perception
    • Targeted and specific sessions developed to meet your business and personal needs
      • Practical advice, counsel and skill-based learning to understand the communications skills you currently use,  learn new skills, and adjust and adapt new skills in real life/work situations
  • Media Training

index      How can I help? Tell me what you need.


Judy Mann Communications


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